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This is how Western fans celebrate - Open House 2016

This is how Western fans celebrate - Open House 2016

It is not only fans of cowboy hats and Western boots, shirts and trousers to go with them who are familiar with Stars & Stripes Western Fashion in Kirchentellinsfurt. Celebrities from film, music, and the sports industry also wear Western clothes from Stars & Stripes. 

The many photos in the foyer are testament to the many people who wear Western clothing and Western accessories from Stars & Stripes. For example, Swedish pop band Rednex ("Cotton Eye Joe"), the Klitschko boxing brothers, Xavier Naidoo and even Larry Hagman as J.R. in the US television series Dallas.

Stars & Stripes organises an open house every year. Like on the weekend of 22- 24 April 2016, when Johannesstraße in Kirchentellinsfurt was transformed into a Mexican beach promenade. With delicacies from Smoker, grilled by the Swabian flagship cowboy Willi Wolf from Meidelstetten, and tasty margaritas and daiquiris at the bar. Musicians with wide-brimmed sombreros and dancers in colourful dresses created the fitting atmosphere. 

Stars and starlets were again spotted amongst the more than 200 guests from all over Europe. For example, the German country band Truck Stop, which was persuaded to put on an impromptu unplugged performance spontaneously. Of course, the catchy "Der wilde, wilde Westen fängt gleich hinter Hamburg an" could also be heard. "It's starting behind K'furt" was guaranteed to be texted around that evening.

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